How to get the best out of your business and advertisement campaign for 2019 and beyond

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The present-day business model and the economy are ultra-competitive. It is not just about marketing the products along with the services to the consumer, but also about the user engagement along with maintaining a healthy relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Let us have a look at it from the perspective of the consumers. There is no shortage of promotional offers and advertisements flashing at the average consumer from all parts of the world. However, not everyone is interested in each and every suggestion. So, there is a need to have the ad campaigns specifically designed according to the interest and needs of the clientele.

So, what is Acquia? In simple terms, Acquia is a marketing platform quite similar to that of Adobe Target. These marketing platforms make the job more comfortable for the business firms and companies to customize the content and the advertisement campaigns according to the user needs, requirements, and interests. It enables you to collect data about the marketing strategies and for the building of a virtual portfolio for the consumers. This leads to a better engagement metric for the company and the user base.

So, how do content management and marketing platforms work?

The way it works

Any digital asset management software works based on a few basic principles of engagement and interaction. These tools are highly popular and prevalent for most of the moderate to large scale business ventures. You can not only optimize all the marketing strategies after careful A/B testing but also gauge the consumer engagement metrics better than ever. You can observe and monitor the data for the audience engagement with the specific ad campaigns and audience landing metrics for your web-domain as well. When a consumer interacts with your campaign, likes a post or shares, and subscribe, it gets logged into the system, which allows you to gauge the interest of the individual to customize future campaigns.

How does it help?

Well, once you can locate which campaigns are doing well for you from the ones that aren’t, you can change or modify the marketing efforts to suit the users better. You can invest in newer marketing channels and stop wasting money on initiatives that are going nowhere as far as engagement is concerned. Once you have figured out the needs of the individuals, you can specially design and send them customized information, services, and products until a lead gets transformed into a sell. You can easily create and manipulate the customer portfolio to better understand the customer needs and requirements. This translates into massive gains down the line.

More on Acquia Lift

Version 2.0 of this software is designed explicitly for the Drupal websites and domains. There is a 3.0 version in the pipeline as well, which will enable you to couple tool with any hosting platform. Acquia life is the perfect option when you are looking to market and personalize a Drupal web-domain.

Keep in mind that depending on the marketing requirement for the venture and the scale of your operations, there are various options available for you. These include Standard, Premium as well as the Starter Lift packages. You can even incorporate data from marketing platforms like CRM and other automation services.

Why is content marketing important?

Keep in mind that without content specific marketing, there is no way to understand how users interact with your campaigns and how you can personalize the strategies. You can create an easily accessible master customer report which can be used for data points to fix up on trends for the strategy. It is all about emphasizing the content to track success and reach the maximum content effort in terms of an efficient management strategy. You can emphasize, increase the reach, publish, tweak, and standardize according to the specific needs for your venture. If you are looking to master the art that is content marketing, the marketing platforms are all the tools you will ever need.

About the evolution of marketing

Previously it was all about the same ad campaign for every user irrespective of age, sex, interests, and geographic locations. But the era has since passed, and it has evolved into something for personal and customized. Some marketing channels still stick to this tried and tested method, but most of the ventures are looking to “think-outside-the-box.” And, this specific condition has given rise to the development of specific marketing strategies that are cut-out for particular users.

Why is this personalization essential?

Before we answer why this personalization approach is essential, we will try to explain why it is beneficial. Advertisement campaigns are all around us. There are traditional modes like the T.V. and the radio along with billboards. With the advent of science and technology, we now have web campaigns, social media as well the personalized e-mail push. To win this game, as the venture owner, you will need a strategy that will make you stand out in the competition. This is where personalization comes in handy. Here, you can judge the needs and interests to better engage with your customer base with specific products and services. Keep in mind that the consumers would rather see an ad campaign that is relevant and necessary to their requirements.

About the digital asset management software

When you are looking to personalize your marketing strategies and efforts, all you need is a tool that will enable you to monitor and customize according to the user requirements. This is highly beneficial for e-commerce ventures as well as the businesses that are in direct contact with their clientele and consumers. So, if you are looking to perfect your content and web-presence in-depth, then all that you need is a content management platform that will provide all the accurate and real insights into the client interaction.

Thus, it is not the right time to waste precious capital on marketing strategies that will never earn any revenue back for your venture. Make sure you avoid generic content and look for personally relevant and exclusive content that will cater to your demographics better. All the best!

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