Examinations and how worksheets help

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When you explicitly discuss the kind of worksheets that need to be solved and the kind of questions need to be asked that will help students to do some introspection is important. There should always be follow up discussions where you can draw similar kind of information from students on sections that reinforce lessons on how you can build up knowledge from textbooks and class 7 maths worksheets. 

It is important to connect to previously covered and new material.

The learning theory shows that students always absorb new material best when they can put their ideas out there as well. This includes concepts grasped previously, making connections between different concepts and equating it to hanging new ideas to an appropriate hook. Connections can be achieved easily if you ask students to rephrase and review material at the beginning of a worksheet and then use this material further to navigate and investigate new ideas. For example, when a student completes a worksheet on probability and then sits down for a discussion in the class, he will feel much more confident in his approach and understanding after this.

How do different boards deal with examination? 


Even though there are a number of practical subjects out there, the focus is sadly never on practical knowledge. The core language- English Language has really not been the major focus for any board when in comparison to other boards. When it comes to CBSE, all subjects out there are handled in such a manner so that they’re theory based and there is very little importance when it comes to any real life concepts.  Despite application playing a very big role in the CBSE syllabus, it pays less importance in the in-depth understanding of any subject.


When it comes to ICSE,  a very complete and comprehensive syllabus is followed through with ICSE. This way every subject is covered with an equal amount of importance. Those students who would want to pursue a career in the management sector or in the arts field will find ICSE worth their time. The ICSE certification is recognised and followed all over the globe, even by foreign universities. The same isn’t true for CBSE certificates. Since English is more important in the ICSE board, students get an upper hand when they have to deal with examinations like TOEFL. There’s an element of flexibility when they have to select specific subjects. The only con about stdiying in ICSE schools is that students can feel that subjects are becoming more and more extensive and that can feel like a burden for some people. The extensive syllabus can be looked at as a boon but at that time there’s too much studying and learning involved and students take the mugging up route that doesn’t help them much with educating themselves. However, when it comes to ICSE, the checking is stricter and the marks in the board exams get affected.

No matter what the board, it is important that you solve math worksheets for class 7 cbse

and stay at the top of your game when it comes to studying for exams and doing well in them.

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