Reasons behind the aptitude tests conducted by the companies in the USA

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A systematic procedure of tests which evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform in a certain situation in his workplace is known as the aptitude tests.  Aptitude tests are conducted by various business organizations in the US to select candidates as employees in their organization. The business organizations conduct aptitude tests following a standard procedure and they also evaluate the performance of the candidates in an unbiased way.  The performance of the candidates in the attitude dates is evaluated and the result is prepared according to their performance in the test.  The business organizations select the employees according to their result in the aptitude test and also their performance in the face to face interview.  There is no fixed syllabus for or aptitude test and the preparation can be done an only by practising and undergoing more and more aptitude tests.

The business organizations in the USA always want to recruit the best candidates for their organization but it is not possible only with the help of scrutinizing the biodata of the candidates or with the help of face to face interviews.  So the business organizations, apart from the face to face interview conduct aptitude tests to judge the compatibility of the candidate with the position. 

Aptitude test is the most appropriate procedure to judge a candidate aptness to understand and execute a command which is not possible to be evaluated through the face to face interview process.  The ability of the candidate to solve a problem and his efficiency to handle data is one of the primary requirements to be an efficient employee in any organization.  The aptitude test helps the organization to select the most appropriate candidate who got the proper abilities to perform according to the command of his higher authorities and also clearly communicate with the other members of his team in the organization.


The advantages of aptitude tests

The aptitude tests are very effective pressure due to evaluate how a candidate will be successful in his professional life as the success of a professional mostly depends on understanding the command and executing them accurately.  An employee can have proper intelligence and knowledge but the ability of the employee to understand and analyze the problems within the job categorization framework is essential for him to to be successful in his professional life. Until an employee is successful to properly analyze the problem he will not be able to solve it properly.  Aptitude tests evaluate and employees Ability to understand the problem and also his aptness to solve the problem successfully. Therefore organizations are more interested in hiring employees after conducting aptitude tests.

With the help of the aptitude tests, the business organizations are able to understand the following abilities of the employees-

Reasoning power of the candidate:  aptitude test contains questions which are able to properly evaluate a candidate’s Ability to understand the information given to him and also properly understand and recognize the patterns in the in order to execute the task given to him.

Visualization power of the candidate: With the help of the aptitude test the business organization understand the candidate’s ability to manipulate and understand the information provided with the help of true and three dimensional objects.

Numerical aptitude of the candidate: An employee can also become successful with the help of his ability to understand and execute the mathematical calculations which can be properly evaluated with the help of Aptitude tests.

Literary skills of the candidates: An employee with the help of clear and open communication procedure can successfully execute all the tasks given to him properly.  Aptitude test also helps to evaluate the written and oral communication skill of the candidates by understanding his grasp over the language used in the organization.

Companies in the United States of America which conduct aptitude tests

Most of the renowned companies in the United States of America conduct aptitude tests to find suitable candidates who are to be appointed in their organizations.  The following companies in the USA are extensively using aptitude tests along with the face to face interview to select the right candidate as their employees in the organization.

Ford Motors: the world famous automobile company conducts the aptitude test which is supplied by SHL.  The aptitude tests are conducted in two parts.  The first part is the numerical reasoning and the second part is the inductive reasoning tests.  The numerical reasoning has a set of 20 questions and they have to be answered within 20 minutes.   The knowledge of the candidates regarding the statistical ratio percentage is an interpretation of graphs is evaluated in the test.  The inductive reasoning includes the knowledge of logic and identifying the patterns.

Hewlett Packard: Recruitment procedure of Hewlett Packard Starts with the telephonic interview and other assessment procedures.  the record employees in various departments and along with the interview process they also administer the personality tests and the aptitude test to understand the potentiality of the candidates to become a successful employee in their organization.  Aptitude test conducted by Hewlett Packard Involves the numerical reasoning test and also the verbal reasoning tests.

Citigroup: The business organization in the USA  conduct difficult Aptitude Test with the help of Talent Q  do in order to select the most eligible candidates as their employees.  Aptitude tests of Citigroup in walls logical reasoning tests and non-verbal Aptitude Test including pictorial aptitude test.   Aptitude tests conducted by Citigroup on known to be difficult and they are only conducted for recruiting employees in the technical divisions, operations and human resource departments.

Procter & Gamble: Aptitude tests conducted by Procter and gamble to recruit the employees are divided into two parts; the first is the competency test which judges the ability of the candidate TO recognize the patterns. It is more a personality test.  The second part of the aptitude tests is the reasoning test which set questions on numerical reasoning, verbal and logical reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

More other companies in the USA like the Microsoft, JP Morgan and McDonald extensively used aptitude tests to select the appropriate candidates as their employees.  Aptitude test can be considered as one of the most effective procedure to understand candidates’ ability to perform under certain situations but sometimes it fails to evaluate a candidate properly.

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