What are the best commercial pilot training schools in India?

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India offers many schools for commercial pilot training, spread across various states. Students from various parts of India chose their preferences according to their budget, vicinity to their house, duration of the course, and many other factors. Considering such factors, listed below are some of the best commercial pilot training schools in India:

  1. IGRUA

IGRUA, i.e. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy is situated in Fursatganj, Uttar Pradesh. Every year, in April the form for its entrance exam is open on their portal. Around June, the entrance takes place, where hundred MCQs related to physics, mathematics, and general knowledge are asked. More than 5000 students from all over India participate, but only 250-300 are chosen for further tests. Around July, the students are called to IGRUA where an interview and pilot aptitude tests are taken which decides the admission of the student. After all this scrutiny, IGRUA accepts only hundred students every year with a fee amounting to 42 lakhs. The aircraft fleet here comes under the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

  1. Orient Flight School

Orient Flight School is located in Mysore, Karnataka. Along with Commercial Pilot License, courses for Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Aviation), Private Pilot License, and Student Pilot License are also offered here. The duration of the course for Commercial Pilot Licence is 1 year 6 months. The eligibility criteria for entrance in this flight school includes Class 1 medicals also. The flight offers Instrument Rating along with CPL.  The fees for the course in this school goes around 35 lakhs.

  1. Chimes Aviation Academy

Chimes Aviation Academy is located in Dhana, Madhya Pradesh. The Commercial Pilot Licence along with Instrument Rating and Multi-engine Type Rating takes 12 months in this flying school. The entrance exam for Chimes is primarily based on physics and mathematics from 12th standard. Chimes also offers licence conversion and licence renewal which makes it even more convenient as the student then doesn’t need to go anywhere else for renewal or conversion. It has the largest glass cockpit fleet. The fees for CPL goes up to 45 lakhs.

  1. Bombay Flying Club

Bombay Flying Club is situated in Juhu, Mumbai.  It was found by Mr JRD Tata, who is the Father of Aviation in India. BFCis affiliated by the University of Mumbai and offers a degree of BSc in Aviation. The flying training is done at Dhule, and the ground subjects are covered in Mumbai itself. The duration of the course is 8 months with fee amounting to around 22- 25 lakhs?One of the unique advantages is that BFC provides Job assistance. Other courses related to aviation are also offered in BFC.

  1. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club

Madhya Pradesh Flying School is located in Bhopal and Indore. They are members of Aero Club of India, New Delhi and have a good fleet of aircrafts. The duration of the course is 18 months with a fee amounting to around 27 lakhs? The school also offers other courses like Private Pilot Licence, instrument rating, multi- engine, and Simulator Training.

  1. Delhi Flying School

The Delhi Flying School is located in Delhi. The admission process includes an entrance followed by an interview. Their fleet consists of CESSNA A152. Among the most significant alumni of this school are Rajiv Gandhi, and Biju Patnaik. Along with CPL, PPL, and ATPL is also provided in this flight school. The feefor CPL here goes up to 25- 30 lakhs.

          These are few of the best flight schools for commercial pilot licence in India based on their infrastructure, faculty, and placements. The common eligibility criteria include class 2 and class 1 medical test, 12th standard pass, 18 years of age, and proficiency in English.

Check out the list of Flying / Pilot Training colleges in India at https://www.shiksha.com/aviation/flying-pilot-training/colleges/colleges-india

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