The truth behind alcohol helping you to sleep better

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Not everyone is lucky to have a sound sleep! Some people often use alcohol as their stress-relief solution. Most people want to relax after they have worked hard the entire day. At times a couple of drinks acts as a relaxation medium. Alcohol can provide momentary relief and help a person to sleep. Trouble occurs when people get addicted to it.

But does alcohol help you sleep better? It is essential to delve into this question before we or anyone frame any addictive habits.

Insomnia and alcohol – the connection

Both these two conditions are chronic and can be present simultaneously! It walks hand-in-hand. Also, people who have insomnia have an inclination to opt-in for alcohol as a medium to sleep in challenging situations. All this might seem well at the first go. However, when the dosage gets increased, people start to become more dependent on alcohol. Gradually, it turns into an addiction.

People who consume an increased amount of alcohol usually have to deal with issues like sleep fragmentation and other problems. This habit can lead to immense problems related to the sleep cycle and the circadian cycle. And the majority of these people have existing sleep issues. The main question here is the way their sleep issues persist when they try to move away from alcohol.

Insomnia can be both a sign of drinking excess alcohol and an attempt to quit drinking. And that makes quitting even more complicated. The detox process can result in insomnia and various other health issues. It takes time for people to get back to their initial sleep quality.

Sleep solution and alcohol

Initially, when a person uses alcohol purely for sleeping, they might look upon it as a helpful solution. One drink before sleep-time might be useful. Most wake-up without facing any adverse outcome and think to themselves whether they should carry on with this habit in the future. And this creates a bad habit. This way, the body develops a bad habit loop, which gets stronger with time and gets difficult to break. Simultaneously, the body’s clock cycle gets disrupted, and there might be other health issues that show up. First and foremost, it weakens the immune system.

Alcohol can reduce the time required to sleep! When you consume excess alcohol, you might take lesser time to relax. The outcome is that your body becomes resistant to alcohol’s effects. And this compels you to maximize the portion you want to drink.

Select a better mattress instead

If falling asleep is a problem, it makes sense that you choose a mattress that will help you sleep better! You can select from the latex or memory foam mattress that’s known to distribute the body weight and provide complete comfort evenly. It should help to offer apt spinal support and adjustment so that there’s no pain or discomfort.

When you are trying to regain your sleep cycle and quit alcohol, it won’t be easy for you. However, with aids like a proper mattress and determination, you can curb your addiction and walk towards a better sleeping cycle. The idea is to stay constant in your effort.

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