3 ways to use cannabis without smoking a joint


Note that cannabis has become legal in many states across America, users want to know the safest and most effective ways to consume cannabis on a daily basis. What is the safest method, what is the strongest, and what is the most cost-effective?

When it comes to cannabis consumption, there are different considerations to consider, like the flower, the delivery method, and the potency of the substance. One characteristic that is often overlooked is the delivery method, with the accessories used to smoke cannabis being an important factor in the smoking experience.

3 ways to smoke cannabis – beginners can use vape pens and vape cartridges!

There are different ways to smoke cannabis, with inhalation delivery methods, oral delivery methods, or topical delivery methods. When talking about inhalation delivery methods, the possibilities range from single-time products to extensive structures that last multiple years.

Vape pens and vape cartridges

Vaporizers are increasing in popularity in the cannabis world, due to the beginner-friendly nature, ease of use, portability, and discrete nature that make them perfect for use in public places. For those conscious about the health benefits and side effects of inhaling smoke, vape pens and vape cartridges are arguably the safest methods of ingesting cannabis.

A vaporizer heats the herbs at a temperature that extracts the THC, CBD, and cannabinoids without releasing harmful toxins into the user’s lungs. In simple terms, using a vape pen and vape cartridges provides a strong and smooth hit while minimizing the risk of inhaling cannabis.


One of the most popular methods of ingesting cannabis is using pipes, whether hand pipes or water pipes. Hand pipes are favored for their portability and convenience. Available in various styles, decorations, sizes, and shapes, hand pipes trap the smoke produced from the burning flower for the user to quickly inhale.

Water Pipes come in various shapes and sizes, being slightly less portable and more for home use. Like hand pipes, water pipes change the smoking method and consumption by adding water to cool the smoke and filter harmful substances.

Rolling papers

Rolling papers are filled with flowers to make joints or blunts. Joints are simply cannabis rolled in the rolling paper, which can be made of organic materials or hemp. Blunts are similar, but consist of cannabis rolled in cigar paper. Those who like to take the time to roll their own joints or blunts using rolling paper and flower are the best option for hands-on cannabis users. Sometimes, the act of using rolling paper and flower can take the place of smoking cigarettes, helping avid smokers in the process of quitting.


With multiple methods of ingesting cannabis, it all comes down to personal preference and smoking style. If you enjoy big hits that provide an immediate high, using bongs may be the best way to go. Using rolling papers and flowers is the best option if you like to roll your own joints or blunts. However, if you want a portable, health-conscious, and easy-to-use method, using vaporizers can be the ideal choice for you.

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