How to set up your Instagram account and get followers

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Instagram was first launched in 2010 in a matter of few years, it has become the most used social media platform and has one of the most used medium for businesses looking for expanding the services and revenues through digital marketing. This is because it has over 1 billion users on Instagram and all of them are literally online every day so, your business can have great exposure, engagement, and business growth.

So, if you want to set up the Instagram account and get huge numbers of Buying Instagram followers, we have added everything you will need to do to expand the business. Now, let’s just get on with it! If you have set up the account, it is now the high time that you focus on increasing the number of followers.

Setting Up The Instagram Account

Instagram is basically used on the smartphones but it sure has a web version. However, the application is much effective and efficient to use on iOS, tablets, and the tablets. So, let’s see what you have to do!

Signing Up

This is the first step you will have to follow after downloading the Instagram application on your phone. There are two options to choose from; register from Facebook or sign up for the new account. Most people use the Facebook option as it easy and the integration is easy to handle both accounts at one time.

However, if you need to choose the signup version, choose the same email as other accounts as you will be able to receive the important updates on the same email address. In the case of the username for your Instagram profile, make sure to use the same username as your brand name. This username selection will make sure that the branding is effective and to ensure great exposure.

Choosing The Profile Picture

On Instagram, your display picture will appear very small and it has to be clear enough to make sure it is recognizable. Make sure that whichever display picture you choose, it is clear and crisp. As a business, you choose the business logo or the shortened logo. You can even use the acronym and mascot.

Writing The Instagram Biography

When you are writing the Instagram bio, you will need to understand that it is the marketing tactic because the visitor will see the biography as the first thing when he/she opens your profile. Your Instagram bio should clearly define the business intent; how you do your business and the vision behind your business offerings.

If you have an official business website, you can also add its link in the bio. This is important because you will direct traffic to your website and which can lead to high conversion and expansion of sales funnel.

Linking With Social Media Handles

If you are running a business, you will need to be active at every social media platform to ensure higher business and increased sales funnel. So, go to the profile settings, then accounts, then the linked accounts and link to whichever social media handles you want to. When you link your account, you will not have to worry about posting separately on different platforms as Instagram will post on every platform automatically.

Getting More Followers On Instagram

If you have set up the account, it is now the high time that you focus on increasing the number of followers. So, implement the following tips to be a successful Instagram account holder!

Hashtags – There was a time when hashtags were just used to highlight something important but today, the trends have changed and so the results of using the hashtags. Hashtags are important to increase the visibility chances. You will need to make sure that you implement the right hashtags related to your business niche. When users use the hashtags from your post, your posts will appear at the top even if they are not following you

Content – As we have already mentioned that you can only add one link in your Instagram account and that is in the Instagram bio. However, you can easily change the link if you have a new website or if you have uploaded something new or Buy Real instagram likes . You can opt for the information about new products and new products. So, whenever you add something, change the link in the bio to direct the user base to the website

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