What Makes For The Perfect Gun Cleaning Mat

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No, towels or paper napkins can never be the same as gun cleaning mats; these mats are especially designed for cleaning guns. Cleaning a firearm can be a messy affair, but if you want to avoid all the mess, then using a gun cleaning mat from Cerus gear can be extremely beneficial.

Yes, you might think, what is the best kind of gun cleaning mat I can use? And what are the factors that I can look for that make a gun cleaning mat perfect? We have come up with this blog for you that will provide answers to all your queries regarding gun cleaning mats.

Before buying a gun cleaning mat, you must consider the following factors.

  • What material is it made of – The quality of the material should be durable and sturdy. The mat must have a liquid-resistant coating that will prevent solvents or fluids like oil and grease from percolating through the pad. Straight away, go for neoprene mats or mats made of vulcanized rubber that will of great use, given the strength, the ability to protect tabletops or work stations, and the strong grip.
  • Is the tray size enough to keep small parts – Your gun cleaning mat must be large to contain the firearm you use. For this, you need to measure the size of your gun, understand the size, and then make the purchase. Suppose you have a lot of weapons at your disposal, then consider getting a mat that easily contains the largest one of your firearms. Okay, the tricky part is, only containing the gun will not do. You will need space to keep the small components of your firearm. So, you can get a mat with a magnetized tray where the small components of the gun will remain safe.  
  • Do you want a branded mat – A branded mat means you will be able to customer service whenever you face a problem. Some gun owners do not look for branded mats as long as they get a mat, that is made of reliable non-absorbent, sturdy, flexible, and leak-proof material. But, in case the mat turns out to be a bad investment, where will you search for help? So, it is better to invest in branded ones; at least you will get assistance in the hours of need.
  • How much does it cost – You can pay a high price, given it has all the necessary feature checks such as the material should be excellent, it should be strong, handy, non-absorbent, leak-proof, durable, and must have a good grip. More often than not, brands of great repute charge a higher price for a regular mat because of the brand name. So, check the price before buying a gun cleaning mat and analyze whether or not the price, being charged, is justified.

Make sure that you are buying the right kind of gun cleaning mat to avoid a lot of tension at home that might crop up due to the mess created. Investing in a gun cleaning mat from Cerus gearfor this matter, is pretty rewarding, and the chic designs available will make your workbench look organized.

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