How To Boost Productivity When Working From Home

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The world is taking its time in adjusting to the new normal. COVID-19 pushed everyone to adopt a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle that limits outside contact. A lifestyle that includes staying connected virtually rather than in-person. A lifestyle that is difficult to adjust to, but not impossible. Ever since a global pandemic was announced, businesses, schools, and organizations took control of the situation and went under complete isolation.

Work From Home

Businesses and organizations instructed their workforce to work from home and strictly under isolation. Working from home is not an easy task. The distractions are numerous and there is a huge gap to fill due to low productivity and efficiency. There is no consistency. Some days it’s better, other days it is worse; achieving daily goals and finishing tasks becomes 2x harder when working from home.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a corporate slave, staying productive and focused while working from home is a huge challenge. How can one separate home and work in such difficult times? This is exactly why we’ve listed some proven ways to help you boost your productivity while working from home. Many people feel they work better and progress more working from home as they work from their own space.

However, to feel a sense of accomplishment in your work life, there needs to be some serious lifestyle changes and adaptations first & foremost. Read ahead and find out how to make progress while working from home!

  • Draft A Regular Schedule

Without any sense of time, it’s easy to slack off. Setting out your schedule not only helps you keep track of your daily activities and tasks, but it also promotes a sense of structure you need to follow throughout the day. This keeps you highly motivated to achieve those goals within a certain time frame. When working from home, people tend to forget they’re in-office hours.

It’s important to emphasize office hours to remain professional and on-time over everything. Wake up the same time you used to wake up for work, get dressed, have a healthy breakfast, and get started on the day. Practice this every day until it becomes a habit and you eventually pick up on it. Stick to the schedule and avoid over-working or slacking off.

  • Take Breaks Regularly

While you may be tempted to work for 4 hours straight to maintain productivity, experts certainly don’t recommend it. It’s essential to take regular breaks. Take a 15-minute break after working for one and a half hours. You don’t necessarily have to do anything in this break. You can eat, power nap, meditate, walk, skim social media, relax, or read. You just need enough time to give your brain the time to recover. Like any muscle, the brain needs rest too.

  • Set Boundaries

When you bring your work home, it’s easy to get consumed completely by it. Your work-life steadily blends into your home life and all of a sudden you’re in this big giant mess you can’t handle. You might feel out of place even at home. It’s important to keep the two separate. Your friends and family need to understand office hours are still office hours and they cannot disturb you during it. You are off-limits. Small distractions like the doorbell ringing shouldn’t concern you during office hours unless you’re expecting something.

Schedule time with your family separately so you enjoy that wholeheartedly without worrying about work. Keeping home life away from work life is important and the ground rules should be set before you begin.

  • Stay Virtually Connected

Isolation can weaken motivation. Zero face-time with anyone can bore you and eventually faze you out. Staying connected is important and an effort should be made. Make a weekly schedule of catching up with your clients, colleagues, and bosses. Stay in touch with your professional network. The internet is designed to keep everyone connected. Human interaction in any form is psychologically important for your wellbeing.

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  • Small Wins Are Still Victories

Staying motivated at home is difficult especially with distractions. It’s vital that you acknowledge your small wins and accomplishments of the day. Take some time out when you’re done with the day and reflect on your victories. You’ll feel motivated to do better and stay positive.

Learn And Adopt These Tips Now!

These tips are proven to help boost productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance, especially in such critical times. Working from home requires a lot of effort, focus, and certain discipline to remain organized and ahead of your work. Whatever the distractions maybe, once you practice the art of patience and focus, building a proper work-life pattern at home will become much easier for you.

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