Best Coffee Maker under 50

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Most of the people drink coffee in the morning to accumulate enough energy to get going with the hectic routine. Coffee is like a fuel for human beings to start off with their day with enthusiasm. However, spending on coffee daily can become costly. So, it would be economical to have a coffee maker at home of your own.

Coffee Maker under 50

Besides, there are best coffee maker machines in the market available at affordable price. Nevertheless, their quality must not be questioned despite being cheap. If you do not believe us then have a look at the collection of the best coffee maker under 50 that we have especially enlisted for you.

1. Cuisinart DCC-1100BK Coffee Maker

Being available for just 50 dollars, Cuisinart DCC-1100BK Coffee Maker is way better than the price it offers. It is a high-quality machine with programmable features. All you need to do is to prepare everything ahead and set the brew before you wake up.

Moreover, it comes with water filter which allows filtering impurity from the water, enhancing the taste of the coffee. The Cuisinart DCC-1100BK Coffee Maker has a hi-tech design with guarded knuckles. This feature helps in avoiding accidents like burning your hand while pouring the coffee into the cup.

2. CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Machine – The Runner-Up

If you want to have a compact and single-cup serving coffee maker then CHULUX QF-CM801 Coffee Machine – The Runner-Up would be the right choice. This machine is quite simple to use. You only have to add water, coffee beans, turn the lock and press the power button.

The specialty about this product is that it stores as much water as required for a single cup. However, it does not have strong control over the brewing. Despite that, it is quite a legit product and that too available at a cheap price.

3. Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

The Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is a stainless steel machine which has the capacity to brew 4 to 12 cups of rich coffee. In a minute it can brew coffee for a single cup. Also, the stainless steel makes the cleaning convenient and effortless.

Its design is quite majestic and makes the pouring process easier with the help of its spout. The dimensions of this phenomenal product are given as 13.1 x 9.7 x 6.2 (all are in inches), and it weighs about 4 pounds.

Buyer’s Guide:  The Best Coffee maker under 50

Investment always requires thorough research to find the product that can fulfill the demands. However, if the budget is under 50 then there are chances to get confused about buying the right product. This is the point where people somehow compromise with the quality and that is completely unnecessary. You can get a high-quality coffee maker even if your budget is as low as 50. All you need is the accurate guide.

For More Articles:

  •  Numbers of Cups

The investment must be done keeping the requirements in mind. However, in this context, you need to decide, how many cups do you have to make from the machine on a daily basis? If the number is one then investing in a single-server coffee machine would be the right thing to do.

There are coffee makers which can brew with loose coffee beans instead of only with K-cups. But that does not confine you to the choice of machine that you want.

  • Additional Features

While purchasing a coffee maker with a low budget, you cannot expect many additional features. However, some products do offer programmable feature that allows the machine to brew coffee right before you wake up. Also, some of the products are manufactured in a manner where they can be cleaned quite easily.


Coffee loses its essence if not brewed well. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have a coffee maker at home of good quality. However, if you short on budget then there are some of the best coffee makers under 50 which will be your energy booster in the morning.

To find the best quality coffee maker detailed research is required. And that is only possible if you have the right guide. So, to assist our readers we have compiled the best coffee maker under 50 that are of high-quality. If the features are not up to the mark, the guide mentioned above will definitely help you in finding one on your own.

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