Mistakes to Watch Out For When Decorating a Small Space

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Decorating a small space comes with its own set of issues. Arranging each piece of furniture so that it radiates the right mix of style, expansiveness and functionality is truly a puzzle. And all too often, this challenge leads us to commit mistakes along the way. Since mistakes are inevitable without guidance, we thought to dig down deeper to make you aware of the common pitfalls of decorating tiny spaces. Read on to find the most common mistakes to avoid when decorating a small space.  

# Mistake 1: Crowding Storage Accessories

Too many storage accessories in a small space will only add to your space crunch woes. Filling up your room with a number of storage boxes will consume more room space than storing the clutter. Thus, for small spaces, it is advisable to limit storage accessories to a minimum. And the ones you are using make sure they are sleek and meaningful as per your requirements.

# Mistake 2: Underestimating Natural Light 

For small spaces, natural light serves a prominent role. It lets your room brighten up and appear more open. So if you have windows try not to block them completely. Use woven blinds or curtains for filtering out the sunlight this will ensure filling up the dark corners with proper illumination.

# Mistake 3: Choosing the Wrong-sized Bed 

Avoid misleading yourself with an extra-large bed for a shoe-sized bedroom. A large-sized bed needs ample space and thereby it is an absolutely wrong choice for a small bedroom. An overly sized bed can make your room appear crowded. To avoid this, go for small scale options like for low ceilings choose a platform bed, a bed with headboard can still radiate sophistication without going overboard, or a bed with storage or drawers serves the best purpose for the organization.

# Mistake 4: Using Small Furniture in Excess 

When it comes to choosing furniture for a small space, there is no hard and fast rule. It is not necessary that if you have a small space, you need to use small furniture. Instead, consider purchasing statement pieces that suit your lifestyle. For example, you can invest in the latest bookshelf designs that also act as a partition screen and décor display. However, it is worthwhile to pay attention to proportion and scale while choosing the furniture pieces.

# Mistake 5: Overlooking double-duty pieces

When concerned about space crunch, don’t forget to overlook the importance of double-duty pieces. Look for pieces that can perform multiple functions. A makeshift table, a stool can be used as a side table, kids study table can be used for accessories storage, and an ottoman can be used as a coffee table. Similarly, there is a range of dual-purpose furniture pieces that can easily help you save a lot of space.

Watching out for these mistakes will help you decorate your small space in a hassle-free way. Also, they will help you utilize every square footage area of your space with a creative organization.

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