5 Awesome Ways to Save Money on Your Christmas Shopping

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It might feel as though Christmas 2019 was just a few weeks ago, but Christmas 2020 is fast approaching. This year has been strange and uncertain, and most of us are looking forward to seeing the back of it. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to enjoy the festive period in any way we can, even if we face restrictions and changes or struggle with a limited budget, thanks to a loss of income during the year.

There’s no denying that Christmas can be costly. If 2020 hasn’t treated you exceptionally well, you might be looking for ways to save money and even be worried about how you will manage to please everyone and enjoy yourself with reduced funds. The good news is, while Christmas can be ridiculously expensive, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Here are five of the best ways to save money this holiday season.

Start Now (and Don’t Stop)

If you haven’t already started your holiday shopping, it’s time to get on with it. Spend some time writing a list of everything that you need, from gifts to food. Then, make the most of the extra time by looking for the best sales, finding discount codes from sites like goodshop.com, and comparing retailers’ prices.

Then, when Christmas is over, hit those January sales. You might not know what gifts to buy for next year yet, but you can stock up on cheap cards and decorations.

Get Crafty

Instead of buying gifts and food, try to make what you can from scratch. Knit scarves for friends, bake cakes for colleagues, and have a go at some homemade cards for your family. Getting crafty at Christmas is a great way to save and a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit.

Make Deals with Family and Friends

You won’t be the only member of your family or friendship circle worried about money this year. Reach out with suggestions like setting budgets or even not buying gifts for everyone, and some people will be very relieved.

Don’t Buy All the Food

We get excited at Christmas. We think that we have to have all of the festive snacks and treats and that our Christmas dinner needs all possible options. Then, we either throw lots away or find ourselves eating Christmas food until Easter. Write a list of what you need, get your favorite treats, and only buy as much as you need.

Beware of Deals

Ah, Christmas deals. Over the last few years, special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become huge events that can last for weeks. Some stores just seem to run offer after offer for most of December. While at first glance, some of these deals can seem staggeringly good value, on closer inspection, many aren’t quite as good as they seem. Some retailers will raise prices in the weeks before a particular day to make their reduction appear far more significant, and some only offer the reduced price on one color or size in a range. Others might only discount an older version of a product or something from last season.

Of course, some offers are precisely what they seem, but you should always take the time to shop around, checking for voucher codes at other retailers, and making sure you are getting the very best price instead of being blinded up a big percentage discount.

Often, the best way to save at Christmas is to just be more mindful with your spending. Write lists, prepare budgets and use these tools to help you stick to them.

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