Edward Snowden Net Worth 2020


Edward Snowden is a whistleblower from the USA who leaked numerous incredibly classified information from NSA returned in 2013. During that time, he turned into a subcontractor and employee of the CIA. The end result of his whistleblowing was the discharge of numerous worldwide surveillance applications that had been run through the national security agency and different ones that had been run together with a number of the European governments. His movements had been unheard of earlier than he had accomplished it. Two days after his whistleblowing, he fled to Moscow. One month later, the Russian authorities granted him asylum and permitted him to live as a minimum till 2020.

Private Life

Edward Snowden was born Edward Joseph Snowden on the twenty-first of June 1983. His domestic metropolis is Elizabeth City in North Carolina. His mom Elizabeth is a clerk in the US District in Maryland. His father, Loonie, was an officer in the Coast Guard. Back in 2001, his parents divorced, and Loonie, his father, remarried. He had mononucleosis during high school, which made him absent for nine months. Instead of returning to school, he decided to get his degree online at the University of Liverpool.

He is a sincerely flexible individual, and he loves language. He even studied the Japanese language at a few points. When he was twenty years old, he listed Buddhism as his religion in shape for navy recruitment. During presidential elections that had been held in 2008, he supported the third-celebration candidate despite the fact that he had sympathies for Obama. At the same time, he was strongly opposed to George W. Bush. After his departure from the US, he married his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills, in a courthouse in Russia. His current residence is unknown.


During the Iraq war, he enlisted in the navy in order to assist in releasing people who had been feeling oppressed through the Iraqi authorities. However, a few terrible good fortunes led him to interrupt each of his legs in a twist of fate in the course of training. He was discharged that same year. In 2006, he returned to work for the CIA. He was assigned to the worldwide communications department in Virginia. He was on numerous diplomatic responsibilities in Europe, particularly Switzerland. In one laptop magazine, he informed me that he doesn’t work too tough to get a job due to the fact that human beings consider him to be a computer genius.

In 2013, for unknown motives, he leaked a number of the name of the game documents from many extraordinary countries. For example, in keeping with the UK’s reputable announcement, he launched about 58,000 documents. Also, a supply from Australia’s authorities says that he leaked greater than 15,000 mystery documents. He is considered to be the most famous whistleblower in the world. In 2019, he launched a book called “Permanent Record,” wherein he talks about his work in the CIA and him leaking a number of the maximum critical documents.

Net Worth

According to numerous sources, his expected net worth as of 2020 is $8.four million. It is tough to mention from which jobs he made his wealth; however, we are able to surely say that his work as a CIA operative has a big chunk.

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