Marco Rubio Net Worth 2020


Marco Rubio is an American politician and senator, currently serving as Chair of the Senate Small Business Committee.


Marco Rubio was born on May 28th, 1971, in Miami, Florida. His parents emigrated from Cuba in 1956, 3 years earlier than Fidel Castro’s revolution. They didn’t grow to be United States residents till 1975. Many of Rubio’s household later got here from Cuba as refugees. He has three siblings, Brother Mario and sisters Barbara and Veronica. Mario and Barbara are older than Marco, while Veronica is younger. Rubio attended South Miami Senior High School, graduating in 1989. He acquired a soccer scholarship for Tarkio College in Missouri. However, he stayed best 12 months there before shifting to Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida.

In 1993, he was given his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Florida. In 1996, he was given a Juris Doctor diploma from the University of Miami Law school. Later, he stated that he had $100,000 in scholar loans, which he repaid in 2012. During his studies, he interned for diverse Republican politicians, together with operating on Bob Dole’s presidential campaign in 1996.

Political Career

Rubio ran for the Florida House of Representatives in 1999. He slightly received the Republican nomination, defeating Angel Zayon through simply sixty-four votes in a run-off election. He proceeded to defeat Democratic candidate Anastasia Garcia through a landslide of 73%. Next year, he ran for re-election unopposed. He spent four phrases in the Florida House of Representatives. While there, he additionally worked for a regulation corporation in Miami, and in 2004, he was given a function in Broad and Cassel. In 2005, Rubio became a House speaker, becoming the primary Cuban-American to preserve that office.

United States Senate

In 2009, Rubio announced that he’ll run for the seat in the United States Senate. He defeated the governor of Florida, Charlie Christ, in the primaries and received the overall election with 49% of the vote. In 2015, he joined the race for the Republican presidential nomination, however, dropped out after losing the Florida caucus to Donald Trump. Instead, he ran for Senate once more in 2016 and received 51% of the vote against the Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy.

Personal Life

Rubio is married to Jeanette Dousdebes, and they have four children. The family lives in West Miami.

Marco Rubio Net Worth 2020

Rubio never had any business ventures, and the best supply of his wealth is salaried he acquired from groups he worked for and as a public servant. Marco Rubio’s net worth in 2020 is expected at $400,000.

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