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Influence marketing is in high trend, every second individual wants to try it, but few arises as much worth as Huda Kattan, Huda Kattan is one of the many influencer who have amassed millions of dollars, you must be inspired and astonished by few successful influencing personalities and wanna become one

like them too, but there are few statistical data that releftc than only few marketers turn up as a high end influencers marketer as there are tons of factors that involves into establish you as an instagram influencers. In this article we are going to discuss on how multiple factors plays a prompt role in your becoming an influencer strategy and i’ll share some step by step instructions that could help you to follow a systematic approach and well determined path towards your goal of becoming an instagram influencer.

Why influencer ?

Actually, It’s a big question, according to a research it’s database says that around 56% of consumers purchase or show interest after they receive or go through some good reviews on a product or brand or product was endorsed by a real influencer, Moreover afluencer found that the customers ranked the instagram as the fifth most effective influencing platform, where tons of influencers are aligned to change business date, mega organizations, companies and brands collaborate with these specialized influencer inclined to their product or brand type to get a business hype on an exchange of high monetary system.

  1. Decide your niche

The basic step to start your influence marketing business with is deciding your niche, or domain type as you can’t be popular for everything, everyone in the marketing industry stick on their niche or pursue their interest keeping a business ideology, you may be interested in beauty or skin care or clothing or may be food or decor or you are a travel freak and want to continue with travel blogger or you love art and craft, or photography is your passion, there are so many, you can start with any but the pinch is you have to stick to one in which your are inclined and find it interesting to work on it, this would cater you with large audience recognition and eventually they’ll start promoting your platform over their alike circle, so pick on a niche type and start, you can survey and acquire enough knowledge before starting is advisable.

  1. Start with an instagram business account

Once you are done with finalizing your niche type, your next focus should be on setting your own instagram business account as it has a lot of useful tools for influencers and the most important one is instagram insights, you must be already knowing about it, if not then, insights lets you know the demographics data of your followers action over your account, it delivers real time fluctuations, audience activity, profiles visits, web clicks, based on a set of particular time. You can have insight dat for your overall account as well as for specific posts, it leverag you with knowledge of what to post and what audience are liking the most, what time there’s higher rates of engagements, location wise audience target, you can opt for another free high end tool kit like afluencer for checking on real time growth and audience reach, but at initials you can go with your your own instagram business account. 

  1. Choose effective hashtags

Hashtags are so very important for your instagram business approach as you already know it helps you to get more audience, hashtags helps you to make your post searchable and available for those who follow such hashtags, you can also have a specific set of hashtags belonging to location or niche type , community or campaign specific hashtag, just make sure any of your hashtag isn’t exclusieve for any brand or campaign.

  1. Engage meaningfully

Meaningful engagements means all your effort should be objective in nature, what so ever you are cooking over your instagram business profile should be on business flame, make sure none of your effort should go in vain, plus while engaging with the audience keep your business ideology alive and try not to get involved with tough people, plus while creating and uploading your post you must include all your key factors into it don’t just pile all your profile with dany photos, add a bit of personality to your caption area with exclusive data talks.

  1. Maintain consistency

To keep your profile alive you need to be consistent on it, dig out your  optimal posting frequency and try following it popular influencers and brand pages tends to post twice or thrice a day, some with big data talks post thrice a week other tends to post once a day, but I advise you to post at least once a day you can go for more posting as well but once a day is essential and try not to extend you post gap more than 2 days in case of severe issues, as it’s been rationalized that audience frequency unfollows pages when the don’t get any update for 2 or more days. So decide your post frequency and In case of any critical issue while you are not in a condition to work don’t extend your post lap more than two days, it is advised to pre planned and already created and created post should so you can post within seconds or there are tools you can use to post updates on your profile in a specific timing, high end influencer keep their content ready and their tool system automatically upload it on their pre set timing.

Final thoughts

Although becoming an influencer specially an instagram influencer is not a quick rich elementary process, you have to spare a lot of effort, time and most importantly you have to be patient, because there are already existing innumerous influencers and they are really doing well in their selective stream, you need to be genuine and loyal with your audience plus a constant approach never disgrace anyone you will definitely get influencing stardom.

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