9 Gifts for Your Friend Whose Birthday Happens To Be In Winters

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Birthdays are the absolute favourite time of the year and if it happens to fall in winters, it becomes the best time of the year. The joy of holidays, the excitement to spend more time with friends has just that magical touch that seems to bring happiness with every passing moment. Another thing that is big on birthdays is the presents and a winter birthday call for even more cute and cosy gifts that will be cherished by the one who receives it. If your BFF is celebrating their birthday this winter then here’s the list of the warm, cute and cosy gifts that can make them feel oh-so-special.

  1. A Towel Warmer

This has the power to turn a cold-dry towel into a warm fuzzy accessory. No more shivering after a bath when a snuggly and fresh towel is there to wrap you around and make you feel cosy enough that you can spend the entire day in it. Just a minute in this gadget can turn the towel or the clothes into a warm hug.

  1. A Personalised Cake

Present your best friend a delicious photo cake and wish them the heartiest birthday wishes. If you don’t trust the local bakery with such kind of wonder then pick a reputed online bakery and experience online cake delivery in Noida, Delhi or any major city of the country. This flavoursome delight will make a special impression on your friend.

  1. A Trendy Pair of Leggings

Nothing can win the fashion game and keep warm in winters than a modish pair of leggings. Pick a herringbone design or classic checks in the colour your friend will love the most and be ready to get a tight hug and appreciation for such a beautiful birthday gift.

  1. Temperature Control Mug

This mug will keep their coffee warm for hours and if your friend is the one who loves to read and sip coffee while comforting under the blanket, this mug will make them feel delighted for sure. You can also get it personalised with their name and make them feel truly special.

  1. A Chunky Blanket

These are so much in trend owing to the beautiful pastel shades, the pretty look and cuddly texture. You can easily find them on online portals. This will hug your friend and keep them so warm that they will never want to get out of it. It will also complement their bedding perfectly.

  1. A Trendy Scarf

Leave it to scarves to make a regular outfit like a runway attire. It can be paired with formals and casuals alike and will definitely set the modish tone perfectly. If your friend is a fashionista, she will love this gorgeous present that can elevate her outlook effortlessly.

  1. Cosy House Slippers

Lined with faux fur, these slippers will keep their feet warm at home seamlessly. They will thank you or this cuddly wrap for their feet. Choose the one in their favourite colour and make this winter super easy for your best friend. A birthday gift as never so comfy before!

  1. Spa Gift Card

Let them relax and dream in a spa while getting a nourishing and comfortable massage with warm aromatic oils when you will present your friend with a spa day gift card. This will melt away the stress and tension that has been clenching their body for long and will also provide comfort for cold in the season.

  1. Cute Beanie

This classic cap is never out of style. Whether it is paired with a dress or denim, it exudes the same trendy vibes with either of them. This cute present will also keep your friend’s head and ear warm throughout the day when the temperature refuses to see double digits. Pick one in a nude colour so that they can pair it with any outfit they want.

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