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Many people are unaware that sitting for long is harmful to their overall health. While many people would love to have a weekend of watching their favorite TV series. only a few are aware that they would be putting their health in danger.

While there is nothing wrong with catching up on a few episodes of your favorite TV series, sitting for long periods may be killing you slowly. Studies show that people who sit more than 10 hours daily increase their risk of premature death risk by 40%. They also indicate that people who sit for long hours daily are more likely to contract lung, endometrial, and colon cancers than people who don’t.

What if you can watch your favorite TV shows while getting fit at the same time?

In this post, we will show you just how.

  • TV EXERCISE ROUTINES: This routine aims to enhance your heart rate and get you moving as physical activities helps in reducing headache, stiffness, and backache risks. A great suggestion is to run on a single spot for 45 seconds. Take a 10-second rest and then perform several killer core plank routines. Take another 10 seconds break and then begin your squat routines. When squatting becomes comfortable, you can lift some weights to make the routine more challenging. Perform this routine for 90 seconds and then do as many pushups as you can in 30 seconds. Make sure you do 3 to 4 sets of this daily. You could check here to learn more.
  • MOVIES AND TV EXERCISE GAMES: One of the benefits of working from home is that you have a comfortable space to perform your routines and you do not have to worry about anyone looking at you. Another fun thing you can do is creating a workout game from the movie or TV series you are about to watch. The first tip you will need to do is find a common phrase that is used often throughout the movie. The next thing is to determine the workout routines you intend to perform. For instance, you can perform either donkey kicks or monkey climbers. Perform at least one of these routines every time you hear the word or phrase you chose earlier.
  • STRETCH ROUTINES: One of the most crucial fitness routines is the stretch routine. Besides the fact that it helps in reducing the risk of injuries, it also helps in enhancing circulation and flexibility. According to studies, tiredness can be as a result of being stiff and feeling sore. This is where stretches are important. Stretching helps reduce soreness and enhances flexibility. A great stretch routine you should try is the quad stretch or hip flexor. If you do not feel like performing any of the two stretch routines stated earlier, you can opt for the seated trunk twist.

You do not have to give up the pleasure of watching your favorite TV series in your bid to stay healthy as long as you keep getting fit alongside the TV.

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