An analysis of offline and online trading

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Ever since introduction of the internet came into existence share trading took up the online route. Earlier it was carried on by the brokers who executed trades on behalf of the clients. With the aid of an online trading the process of trading is simplified to a considerable extent. In fact the evolution of the best discount broker in India has also helped this cause in a big way. There are several benefits of conducting trading online rather than resorting to the use of a traditional platform. Before we take a step ahead we need to figure out the difference between online and even offline trading.

With the advent of online trading, traders were in a position so that they could place their own orders. Whereas in the case of an offline trading you needed to be dependent upon the brokers who placed transactions on your behalf. Once you are in offline data instructions are provided to the brokers that would once again depend upon the levels of independence of the broker or the agency. This is a form of dependence that is not even into existence once you opt to exercise the online method of trading.


An online form of trading is convenient for people who are hard pressed for time and relies more in terms of convenience. In fact sitting in front of a computer they can place and execute orders online. If you do not have an internet connection and access to the stock broking sites is restricted then it is always possible to place orders via calling up a stock broker.


In case of an online trading you are in complete control over your transactions, so the possibility of fraud is eliminated to a considerable extent. A lot of situations have come to the for where a broker goes on to execute transactions on behalf of the client without even seeking their permission and this could cause a lot of losses to people who are more into the world of offline trading.

Knowledge along with expertise

The moment users rely on an online trading account, chances are evident that they might be carried away. Without even trying to understand on how the stock market works they end up buying or selling shares that causes a lot of losses in the long run. The possibility of profit diminishes. When it is the case with offline trading this would be avoidable, as the brokers are known to have several years of knowledge along with experience as this could be beneficial for the users as they can figure out which stocks they need to invest.

The agencies that go on to provide online trading do give access to research reports or analytical tools that facilitate the process of decision making. A proper understanding of the market is provided so as to ensure that the right type of decisions is being made.

These are the pointers that you need to keep in mind between choosing an online and an offline broker.

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