Top Habits of a Successful Investment Banker You Must Develop Today

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Are you a good investment banker? Success draws attention, doesn’t it? Perhaps you’ve reached the pinnacle of success. A hidden truth to be revealed to the wider audience, how would you do that? Have you ever wondered what is the secret recipe that enables successful investment bankers to achieve the summit?

If you look closely at their profiles, you’ll notice the level of expertise, years of hard work and contemplation they’ve been doing to reach the position they’re at today. Are you willing to take that risk today?

You simply do not get success over time. It stems from small little steps and over a period those small steps lead to success. You must have heard names like James B. Lee, Roger Altman, Peter George Peterson, and Steven Black, etc. this list includes prominent names both living and dead. They used to be the top investment bankers in the world.

If you’re looking for success, you better fasten your seatbelt and start developing these habits to become successful in investment banking: –

  • Great Salesmen

Being likable by others is an underrated part of the job. Those who’re not able to build personal relationships with clients and customers do not fit the profile for making deals. Randall Dillard, the former head of investment banking at Nomura told his students, managing directors in the investment banking sector takes 18 months. Most of them cannot handle the pressure and the amount of revenue that is generated in a year.

At one point, all these investment banks sell the same kind of services.

  • Never mix pleasure with work

A sentence that’s most often used while at a working. Well, not in the case for investment bankers. While senior managers (bankers) are at their worse time, they can still easily manage socializing with their clients. Wining and dining is a small part of their job. Most of the top investment bankers hang out with their client’s families during weekends. A Barclay MD also mentioned stating if you do not enjoy the perks, or cannot have fun, it can be difficult doing the job for 20 years. Accepting what may come further should be fixated on the investment bankers mind.

  • Do not engage in burnouts

Long hours and stressful day are typically how professionals in the investment banking firm may define their day. However, the time you need to log off for the day should be decided beforehand. There are a lot of investment bankers who run ultra-marathons, this keeps them on their feet, motivated and stress-free. Most of the male bankers are seen to become fitness freaks the moment they hit the 40s line.

  • Impeccably dressed

If you see a man dressed in one of the most expensive suits down the street, you could bet he’s an investment banker. Studies predicted investment bankers to be skeptic about the way they dress.

Besides these, you find then to be ruthless, risk-takers, and not to forget they’ve got a thick skin and they’re egoistic.

While advanced degrees are important, an investment banking certification helps you kick start your career as a certified investment banker.

When it comes to attracting top investment banks, your skillset plays a major role. Earning a certification narrows down your portfolio keeping you a top priority by the company.

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