Are You a Helicopter Parent?

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Parents these days are full of concerns regarding the real –life and online parenting of the children and at the end of the day become overprotective. So, they mostly try to stick with their kids all day long and want to keep a naked eye on their mobile phones device in particular.

Therefore, kids and teens become irritated because of parents to be helicopter parents. Parents don’t need to be overprotective at all but at the same time; they just need to keep an eye on their kids’ behavior especially when they are using digital devices connected to the internet.

 So, young kids start using their digital devices secretly and don’t want to know their parents what they are doing via text messages, cell phone calls, social media activities and plenty of activities others alike. Therefore, helicopter parenting is worthless for parents and they should keep an eye on their kid’s online activities and whereabouts in real –life using tricky methods. However, making your kid’s your best friends would be the ultimate options.

Who is a helicopter parent?

The terms are typically used for the parents of high –school or preschool going kids. Parents especially become helicopter when their children are at a very young age to keep an eye on all the time. Usually, helicopter parents provide assistance of homework, school projects, provide teachers for coaching and don’t let their child go alone at school, parties and other activities.

So, having said that, helicopter parenting is good for certain kids who are not able to do things on their own. However, the kid who can use digital devices and internet on their cell phones and gadgets parents should not be overprotective but to keep an eye on their kid’s online activities using parental monitoring apps.

How you can avoid being a helicopter parent?

If you want to prevent helicopter parenting and don’t want to get irritate your child then you simply just need to use cell phone spy software to track kid’s activities all day long. You can use it for real –life and as well as digital activities of children. Let’s get to know how you can get your hands on the cell phone parental control to avoid helicopter parenting.

Step1: Subscribe for phone monitoring app

All you can do to use your personal digital devices like cell phone and gadgets. Go to the browser and visit the cell phone surveillance app and in return receive an email that provides credentials.

Step2: Get physical access on cell phone

Now get physical access on the target cell phone device and once you have got the access then start the installation process. Once you have got completed the installation activates it on the target device.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Use the credentials and get access to the electronic web portal where you can see plenty of tools that are designed to prevent to be a helicopter mom. It will make you capable of remote parents to keep an eye on kid’s activities remotely.

Use mobile phone parenting app tools to avoid helicopter parenting

Live screen recording

Helicopter parents can avoid being a helicopter parent using live screen recorder software. You can remotely get access to a target device of your child and make short videos of the screen in real –time. Further, parents can see the live recorded videos visiting the web portal. Parents can perform live screen recording on Chrome, social media apps, SMS, Email, YouTube, and on applied passwords.

Surround Monitoring

Parents can remotely get control over kid’s cell phone MIC using MIC bug app to record and listen to the surrounds. Furthermore, parents can remotely control the front and back and front camera to record surrounds. However, you can remotely capture photos of surrounds using camera bug app.

IM’s monitoring

Parents can monitor the logs of social media apps running on a kid’s cell phone using social media monitoring. You can get the logs of text messages, chats conversations, shared media and Voice messages.

Text messages

Parents can track text messages, SMS, MMS, and heads up notifications remotely using text messages spy app.


When your kids becomes capable of using digital cell phones and gadgets with internet connection then avoid helicopter parenting and get used to of cell phone parental control app.

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