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9apps is the platform which provides android users services to enjoy free downloads of various apps inapk format which is very light and consumers very less space.9apps Apk download 2018 allows the users to have downloads of various apps from third party platform without paying a single penny. The top 5 news and business apps have been listed as:

  • Dailyhunt: The app is India’s number 1 leading news app with local language content with more than 155 million subscribers. The app provides news articles in 14 languages with 800 publication partners every day. The app has more than 50 million users worldwide who spend over 6 billion minutes on the service every month. The platform provides latest updates time to time in order to satisfy the users.
  • AajTak News: This is India’s most viewed channel and now is available via app. The app brings live tv, latest news and breaking news from time to time. This is the most trusted source all over. In live tv, one can enjoy all the shows which telecast on the channel and discussions which telecast on the tv can also be enjoyed on the phone now. One can also get in depth analysis of various news in the nation as well as worldwide. The app is light and easy to use. The offline mode can also be used in case the consumer doesn’t want to watch shows online.
  • Twitter: From breaking news to sports and politics whatever happens in world, comes first to twitter. One can watch premium shows online on the mobile devices. One can even go live from anywhere in the world. One can discover what the leaders and sports people are doing. One can explore the trending and hot topics. One can even create a group and chat with friends and family over the app. One can even upload profile photo, background photo and locations can also be updated. The app is just 31.5 MB.
  • India news by news point: The hot app came in august, 2019. The app comes in various languages like Hindi, English Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. They get news from more than 300 trusted and reliable newspaper sources. One can even play quiz and win every day. One can also get e papers so that they can be read. The text size and background can also be changed as per the preference.
  • Public: This is the local news app which shows news through short videos. One can also record and send them opinions to the app. One can also report issues of a specific city to the app. One can also share news with friends and family. One can also get notifications on phone for the news. The app is just 12.2MB. It performs too good on the phone due to not much high configuration.

All these apps can be downloaded from, in order to avail the services that too free of cost without any compromises on quality and without paying a single penny to them.

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