Get Your Food On Train Delivered To You At Your Specified Seat Number!

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Passengers have long complained of the bad food that was offered by the railways. It was unhygienic, tasted very bad, too much oil ad almost all recipes tasted the same. Many fortunate travelers bring food cooked from home, either by their mother or wife. No matter how simple the food is, he or she knows that they will not get an upset stomach from such meals. For others, it was always a race between buying food from the restaurants or staying on tea, chips and crackers.

Many passengers complained of the unspeakable hygiene. Many pantry cars had cockroaches and molds growing around the food inventory. Non vegetarian meals often served rotten. Too much oil, too much spices caused vomiting and upset stomach. Not a pretty site and let’s face it the facilities on an Indian train can be a bit challenging.

A Solution for the Bad Meals

Slowly many food chains set up their food outlets at stations. Metro cities saw KFC, Dominos, CCD and other small restaurants cropping up. Food Courts are also set up in many places to provide passengers a variety of options. Most passengers found a relief with such facilities, but still the matter of fact remains, you have a limited choice! You cannot eat a delicious plate of biryani from your best restaurant or enjoy a hot gulab jamun from your neighbourhood sweet shop!

Keeping this mind many start-ups have introduced food on train services. Just think like Zomato, instead of delivering at your home, they deliver to your train! All you do is wait and enjoy the meal as it arrives! Indian rail services are the Asia’s old system of rail networks and it’s about time someone modernized it and made such brave efforts. It is estimated that almost 23 billion people travel every day. You can imagine the infrastructure that it would require. Thanks to these start-ups, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Food has now become tasty, healthy and safe for consumption.

How it Works?

What these start-ups do is sign up various restaurants in their website. They are usually close to the stations and provide delivery services at a fee. These startups can also provide delivery persons who will pick up the food and deliver at the stations. Various restaurants sign themselves up for such services, you can have fast foods, non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals. Just desserts are also delivered; when you forget to buy sweets for your family, you can just order and get them delivered to you at your seat. The services are also fast because most trains are bound by time. So they have to deliver before the train departs else it will be their loss. The concept of food on train was started keeping in mind healthy eating and hygienic ingredients. Stress on safe meals are stressed. Availability and variety that is for the passengers are also kept in mind.

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