Manali Tour and Manali Tour Packages

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Manali is the Himalayan city located in between the pair pandal and the dhauladhar ranges. Adorned with beautiful lush green forests and meadows and the river Beas by its side Manali is gifted with a magic of its own.

Manali can also be held as a proper tourist destination and a perfect place to perhaps spend your holiday in.There are various places to visit in Manali:

  • Solang Valley:
  • Situated on the way from Rohtang to Manali this valley is situated 14km from Manali and is one of the favourite tourist attraction in Manali. Solang valley is famous for various types of sports from parachuting to zorbing along the side of the hill.
  • During the time of winter,Solang valley remains covered in snow, and at that time it becomes a tourist attraction for tourists both from India and also foreigners.

  • Rohtang Pass
  • Located at a distance of 51 km from the main town of Manali the Rohtang Pass is only accessible for the tourists through road.
  • The views as well as the beauty increase as you go higher on the Manali-Keylong Road.
  • As the altitude increase, a feeling of chill sets in you,and at the same time, the beauty of the pass would mesmerize you.

  • Adventure Sports:
  • Various kinds of sports are ongoing in Manali during the tourist season. Due to the presence of various rivers and their tributaries river rafting is done.
  • Due to the slope of the mountain, there is zorbing, and in winter there is skiing, which is also one of the adventurous sports.

  • Along with all major viewpoints mentioned above, there are also sight-seeing locations scattered across Manali like:
  • Hadimba Temple: It is a very quiet and peaceful place encompassed by various kinds of trees and natural beauty.
  • Vashist Baths
  • Great Himalayan National Park

There is often a requirement that you are unable to make proper arrangement. A tour would mean hotel booking, car rentals, etc. which takes time as you have to find a suitable hotel, cars, etc. and that is where he companies offering tour packages comes in.

Various online companies are offering you various kinds of packages in which you get a pickup from the airport or railway station when you arrive, your hotel bookings in different places are made as well as, they also book cars for you to go for sight-seeing while staying in your destination.

Same options are available for Manali tour Packages. Various kinds of packages are available for various staying durations.Package starts from as low as INR 6,250 for three nights where you get to visit the only Manali.There are also other packages like Package of INR 16,000 in which you will be able to visit four places each for two nights stay namely, Kasol, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala.There are also packages for a special occasion like Honeymoon Package costing INR 9000 approx and may vary in which there will be a four-night stay at Manali.All the prices mentioned above are just approximated and may vary from the company o company. These examples are providing to give you an example of how the tour packages give you an edge while you are planning for a trip.

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