DIY Gifts to Present to Your Loved One


Nowadays, stores are full of various gifts; you just need to choose a proper one. But sometimes it is very hard to choose a present for your girlfriend. So you may consider making a DIY gift for your girlfriend. We are going to share some ideas on what DIY gifts you should present to your special someone.

When you think about DIY gifts, it’s not about saving money because you, of course, must buy different components before you start making your gift. Note that your DIY gift may cost as much money as a gift from your local shop. Also, it takes way more time to make a gift by yourself. Why bother trying to do it?

Firstly, only a DIY gift will have individual traits; it may contain a special message or compliments for your woman. This fact by itself makes your gift exceptional. And secondly, your girlfriend needs your attention and not just some gifts. Now compare the amount of attention when a person just goes to a store and chooses a thing and when he or she buys all the components, thinks through the concept and does something with their own hands.

  1. A money origami rose

Money is the worst gift for your girlfriend, but if you decided to present her with money, you still can do it right. You want your gift to draw the attention to make a beautiful rose from your cash. To make a rose, you will need 5-7 banknotes, wire, green ribbon, artificial leaves, and glue. Leaflets and ribbon can be bought in the floral department. Take a banknote and fold it in half, then bend the edges in different directions. From this banknote, we will later make the

rosebud. Fold the rest of the banknotes half diagonally and bend the edges in one direction. From them, you will make petals later. Put the banknote on the wire and twist the end of the wire to make it more solid

  1. Personalized Mug

To make a DIY personalized mug, you will need white porcelain mug, scissors, porcelain marker, copy paper (carbon paper), pencil or pen, scotch tape, printed or paper-drawn picture which you will transfer to the mug. Cut out the paper picture that you want to see on the mug and cut the equally-sized piece of carbon paper. Then put a blueprint on the mug with the dark side, put your picture on top of it and fix it with tape.

Outline the picture with a pencil or pen so that the image is imprinted on the circle.

With the help of carbon paper on the circle imprinted contour of the picture. After that, you circle the picture with a marker for porcelain. If you make a named mug, you can fill the outline of the letters with oblique strokes. Looks cool.

After your image is ready, let the marker dry for 24 hours, and then burn it in the oven at 160 ° C for 1.5 hours. After that, the mug can be washed even in the dishwasher, and the inscription will not be erased.

  1. DIY notepad

This gift is quite simple to make, and you can decorate it as you please. You may put your photo on the cover or whatever you need.

You will need a stack of paper for the printer (you can use paper of different colors for a more original notebook or print a pale copy of your favorite photo on each sheet), scissors, stapler, glue, special paper for the cover, and cardboard box.

First, bend the stack of paper in half. Measure the future pages of your notepad and put them on the box and circle with a marker. Note that the cover should be a couple of centimeters larger than the sheets, so leave a few centimeters at each edge. Wrap the cardboard cover in the designer paper (you may also use a beautiful gift paper) and glue the paper to the cardboard. Finally, attach the notepad sheets with a stapler to the cover in several places.

As you can see, it is not that hard to make a DIY gift. You just need perseverance, time, and attentiveness. Your girlfriend will be the happiest person ever.

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