Top 5 Latest Technology News of 2019

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The world that we live in is constantly changing and developing, so does technology. New computers, gadget pieces, and all the rest of the technological miracles of the 21st century are getting better by the day. At times, it becomes quite difficult to track all the latest technology news as well as the latest tech information on your own, and that is why we are at 4Promedia offering you a helping hand! Today we are going to talk about all the latest tech news that is going to make a stand in the upcoming year. Continue reading the article to learn more about the latest updates!

Angular and React

In case you do not know what Angular and React are, these are two modern JavaScript frameworks. When compared to all the other existing frameworks, the two are gaining their popularity since, with their help, it is twice as easy to create your sites and applications.

Cognitive Cloud Computing

Another piece of the latest technology news concerns the Cognitive Cloud. To put it short, Cognitive Cloud is an extended variation of the Cloud you know and Cognitive computing. The ecosystem will allow you to create apps and let people know about them. The discovery is so grand that even Google and Microsoft think about implementing it.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Another good and exciting piece of news on our list is the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These are not new but promising technologies that will allow us to experience things we can’t in real life. Besides, AR will improve medical science greatly since, with its help, students can perform surgeries that are all under control. VR, in its turn, will open up fresh horizons in games and interactive marketing.


You may know that blockchain is not a computer that you can master over a day, it is far more complex, and it is developing. So far, when you hear about the blockchain, you think about bitcoins. However, the news has it that blockchain may cover many more fields in the future, starting with healthcare and ending with real estate, electronics, and law. So, it does not matter which language you speak at the moment Hindi or English as long as you manage to master blockchain you will always be in the game.

Artificial Intelligence

The fact is that AI existed for a long time already, but we haven’t been able to notice it much. However, in modern everyday life, you use it daily, starting with your smartphone and ending with your smart home. So, basically, there are no limits as to which heights Artificial Intelligence is going to reach in the future.

These are the most interesting and trending tech and gadgets news to enter 2020. It is amazing how far we can go given the right means, and technology is one of the most empowering ones. So, it is time you say “hi!’ to the modern technological era and learn how to reap the most of it following 4Promedia!

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