5 Top Business Trends of the Future

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When you are looking to start up a business, it is paramount that you can pinpoint the trends that will impact your company. However, these trends should not always be those that are popular and in-demand now, and every forward-thinking company should instead consider the products and services that will be making the most money in the coming years. To prepare, here are some of the top ideas that you can start investing in during 2020.


CBD was legalized in the USA in 2018, and this has led to a drastic change to the nature of new health and wellbeing companies, with many entrepreneurs seeing the reward of being one of the first companies to offer CBD in their area. While CBD has been legalized for over two years, it is still a growing industry, with many businesses selling the substance for its suggested medical benefits, with conditions such as anxiety and arthritis being two of the main conditions that are targeted. What’s more, it is relatively simple to take advantage of this opportunity, with companies like Cope CBD offering high-value products that you can resell to those who need them. Then, by investing in CBD oil now, you will be at the center of its growth as more medical benefits are explored and confirmed.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Previously, cryptocurrency has been incredibly misunderstood by those who are looking to invest in it, with only 8% of Americans currently invested in the currency. However, with a more powerful drive now toward digital forms of investing and saving money and a greater amount of large companies now looking into creating their own currencies, cryptocurrencies are about to become more popular than ever. Rather than leaving it too late, you should consider getting involved in the bitcoin industry by creating a crypto exchange or turnkey brokerage.

3D Printing

If you thought that the concept of printing shops was going out of date, with more people now printing at home, they are simply evolving. The rise of 3D printers has led more people to seek the ability to print wood and plastic items instantaneously. However, with most homes not yet possessing their own gadget that performs these functions, it will then be up to small businesses to take the lead. There is even some evidence to suggest that 3D printing will one day be able to allow us to create new body parts and to print onto living surfaces.

Subscription Services

Although you might believe that subscription services are only a trend for 2020, they are looking as if they will be here to stay. From books to beauty, there are a great many boxes available every month. As we start to use the high street less and focus on the advantages that the internet can give us, subscription boxes can provide customers with a pick-me-up surprise every month customized toward their tastes.

SEO Marketing

With the majority of businesses now ending up online and e-commerce sales constantly increasing, there has been a greater drive for companies that offer digital consulting and marketing services over the internet. With the coronavirus pandemic pushing more and more businesses onto a digital platform, the demand for this is only set to increase.

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