How to Help Your Partner When They Are Unwell

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Everybody gets poorly now and again, but it is especially difficult to watch the one you love suffer. When your partner is unwell, it’s important to take the role of caregiver and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Whether they’re stuck in bed with the flu or suffering from seasonal allergies, here’s how to help your partner when they’re unwell.

Make them Soup

There is a reason soup is renowned for being the beater of colds. You might find that bringing them a hot bowl of soup results in them finding enough strength to pull themselves from the bed. Not only that, the chances are they were given soup when poorly as a child, which will bring back nostalgic memories to psychologically make them feel comforted.

So, buy some vegetables, get on your apron, and get started cooking up a delicious and nutritious soup. If they can stomach it, don’t forget the crusty bread!

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

There is nothing worse than being in a tidy, uncomfortable space when you are poorly, so make an effort to spruce the place up a little. Wipe the surfaces, plump the cushions, and make sure they have plenty of blankets. You should also place a little waste basket near them for any tissues or food wrappers they need to throw away so that they don’t have to drag themselves to the kitchen.

Purchase a Gift

A get well soon gift is a great way to make them smile. While it won’t make their illness go away, it will inject their day with a little positivity. If you’re struggling to leave them alone in the house, then use an 1800 flowers promo code to order flowers for next day delivery, so you can show your love without having to leave their side.

Put on Their Favorite Movies

Being unwell usually means you don’t have the energy to do the activities you usually love, but that doesn’t eliminate watching movies all day. Get them set up on the sofa, bring them some drinks and food, and put on their favorite flicks. Whether they want to watch Netflix all day or go through the whole Pixar collection, let them enjoy that time.


Sometimes, having someone to listen to you is enough. If your partner is complaining about their symptoms, avoid shutting them down or downplaying them, as this will only make them feel worse. Instead, sit down and listen to each of their worries. Try your best to be as patient as possible, as sickness can usually bring out irritability in people. Listen to them, hold them, and let them know you are there through it all.

Educate Yourself

If you don’t understand the illness they are going through, do your best to educate yourself. Get online, search for the symptoms, and look at other people’s experiences with it. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make them feel better as well as empathizing more with them.

Being a caring partner means being there when things get rough. Be there for them when they’re unwell, and make sure you look after yourself, too.

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