World Scratch Off Map: Plan Tomorrow’s Adventure Today


There’s a whole lot of world to see out there, and thinking about where to start can become a mind numbing task. Especially if you want to go everywhere and see everything. tries to make things easy on you with their scratch off map of the world. Visit every country and every state from one end of the globe to the other. The Newverest world scratch off map is an awesome way to keep track of past travels and plan future ones.

It’s simple. Every time you visit a new place, scratch off the outer layer of gold to mark where you’ve been. It’s fun, easy, and interactive. Every Newverest scratch world map comes with an easy to use scratch tool that scratches away the outer layer of gold foil without damaging your world scratch off map. It’s totally safe for kids, so you’ll never have to worry. You’ll also get a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away any leftover residue, a sturdy gift tube to keep it safe, and some push pins to help mark the places you want to go next.

Newverest also makes a kid’s edition of their scratch off world map poster. It comes with everything the original does plus a few extras. You’ll get 50 adorable animal cards that showcase the furry critters you’re likely to find in different countries around the world. Learn a few fun facts about each animal and test your kid’s memory. Or maybe switch things up and let them test you. Each scratch world map by is as educational as it is fun.

Every scratch off world map poster is high quality. Newverest only uses local artists to hand draw their maps before printing them on top quality poster paper. These maps are beautiful and unique. The countries and their capitals are clearly outlined on your scratch off world map poster so that you’ll have no trouble finding them. Get inspired to travel and find your next great adventure with your scratch world map.

These are so much better than cheap souvenirs that won’t last longer than a year, let alone a lifetime. Get your world scratch off map framed and hang it on your wall so that you can be inspired by it every time you turn your head. By the way, Newverest makes amazing frames for their scratch off world map poster. You can get them in natural oak or rich black, whichever you prefer. They’ll fit any Newverest poster, not just their world scratch off map. Newverest also makes several editions of their USA scratch map poster, including a kid’s edition, just like with their scratch world map.

Newverest also includes a fun bucket list for their scratch world map. Of course, you can always make up your own bucket list. See how many countries you can scratch off your map in a year. Or maybe your big bucket list item is to visit every continent across the globe. Newverest can help with that too. Keep track of where you’ve been so you always know where you’ve still got to go. It’s never too early to start planning adventure.

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