How to Revamp Your Style


Even if you are comfortable with your looks, it is always nice to have a change now and then. Refreshing your wardrobe and experimenting with different styles of clothing and makeup can help you feel brand-new, and you might be surprised to discover that something you never thought would suit you, actually does. If you are ready to change things up a bit, here are a few basic tips on how you can revamp your style.

Understand Your Body Shape

When it comes to picking out new clothes, it is important to understand what your body shape is. Everybody is different, but certain styles will look much more flattering on you than others because of the way they have been designed. It is also easy to think of your one body type when in fact you are another, so do some research to figure out what shape is the closest to you. Trying on a few different styles will also help you to see which one’s work for you and which ones do not. If you want to make a bit of a change to your style, you should also pick out different colors or patterned fabric that you might not have tried before.

Try a New Hairstyle

Another way to revamp your style is by getting a new hairdo. If you have always had your hair long, why not go a little shorter this time? Or perhaps try a new color? If you are not sure what to do, search online for some photos of styles you do like and speak with your hairdresser to get their advice on what will compliment your face shape. You should also be aware that certain haircuts will require more time and effort to style properly for the full effect, so if you are someone who does not like to spend a lot of time doing their hair in the morning these cuts might not be right for you.

Experiment with Makeup

Makeup trends come and go, much like with anything fashion or beauty-related, but often people find a certain look that they like and stick with it. If you have not changed the way you wear your makeup in years, perhaps it is time to experiment with some new looks? Even if it is not something you would wear every day, you might discover a new lipstick, eyeshadow, or overall look that you think would look nice on a night out.

Get a New Scent

Your perfume can do a lot to make you stand out as much as the clothes you wear and how you style your hair. You might be fond of the perfume you use every day, but there are so many gorgeous scents out there it cannot hurt to shop around to find something new. You could even sign up for a monthly perfume subscription to help you on the search for your new signature scent, too.


If you are not ready to give your style a complete overhaul, you can always start small by trying out some new accessories. Not only is this a good way to slowly introduce you to new looks, but it can also be a more affordable way to update your wardrobe as well. From jewelry and bags to shoes, there are plenty of accessories you can have fun with.

If you want to revamp your style this year, try these tips to help you reinvent your look.

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